Sandy Rabinoff

Hi! I’m Sandy Rabinoff. I’m a 71 year-old grandmother and collection agent. I have been practicing Liz Franklin’s Yoga in Chairs™ for nearly three years. I had seen an article in the Kansas City paper one Sunday and it sparked my interest about the program.

I had taken “regular” yoga classes and enjoyed them but was having trouble keeping up with the class due to recent knee surgery. The instructor wasn’t responsive to my needs and I was frustrated. When I read about Liz Franklin’s Yoga in Chairs™ I thought “This is made for me!” I called and got enrolled in the evening class.

I was so excited about starting the class. From the moment I first talked with Liz I felt that this was my yoga. The way I felt after my first class was so heavenly that I was hooked. I have been attending class regularly ever since!

I have asthma and my lung capacity has dramatically improved. My doctor noticed the change and told me to keep doing yoga. The class has also made a dramatic difference in my flexibility, especially the knee I had replaced. I doubt I would have the range of motion and flexibility I do without my weekly class.

This past year has been filled with incredible stress in my personal life. Liz Franklin’s Yoga in Chairs™ has made all the difference in how I have handled that stress. I have learned coping strategies and taken them home with me and incorporated them into my daily life. I have learned how to use yoga to calm myself in times of stress and turmoil.

“Quit thinking about taking a class and come try this. You must experience this first hand. If you can’t come to a class, buy the videos. You will thank yourself when you experience the difference in your mental state and find your own place of serenity. Flexibility is an added bonus that comes with time. Liz Franklin’s Yoga in Chairs™ is unique – there is nothing else like it!” – Sandy

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