Paula Ladisheff

Hi! I’m Paula Ladisheff. I’m 49 and work for the Marine Corps. I also have Multiple Sclerosis.

I started taking the free Liz Franklin’s Yoga In Chairs™ classes for people with MS in September of 2005. I started with one class a week and quickly decided to attend both of the free classes each week. These classes mean so much to me that even when I’m tired, I don’t skip a class.

I began taking the classes because I thought “why not”. If this method has been around for centuries, there must me something to it! There is, it is wonderful. I have experienced help with my stress levels and my balance issues. The breath work has made a big difference in the side effects I experience from my MS and the medications I take. It has also helped me with my anxiety attacks. The breathing is calming and helps me think.

I find that after taking classes for over a year I can get up and down from the floor with ease. My husband calls my newfound flexibility my “bendy yoginess”. I find that I have increased energy levels on the days after a class. I am missing fewer days of work and my mood has improved dramatically. My MS had taken the ability to perform certain tasks and caused frustration and some aggressiveness. This frustration and aggressiveness have been eased by my yoga practice. I find I am able to use the breath work to help me maintain my mental clarity and recall.

Liz gives us tools and small things we can do at home. I have embraced these and find myself practicing yoga at home and at work. I have taken my yoga practice into my daily life.

“These classes have made such a huge difference in my life that I wouldn’t give them up for anything.” – Paula

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