Marga Harris

Hi! I’m Marga Harris. I am 63 years young. I retired from teaching music after 30 years. I live in Kansas City, MO. I started taking classes with Liz in September of 2004. My doctor, Jane Murray gave me a brochure. There was an excellent description of the program in the brochure, so I decided to give it a try. I thought that stretching and a less strenuous form of exercise would be good for me. I have Post Polio Syndrome and many exercise programs just don’t work for me. I use crutches to walk. Although I am fairly mobile, a slower paced class is just right for me.

I keep coming back because of the teacher and the other students in the class. They are a fun group. Also, I enjoy the benefits of increased flexibility and strength. My breathing has improved dramatically. I am more comfortable in my own body, especially in terms of stretching, reaching and balance. I feel that the class has helped open the energy channels in my body.

If I had just one piece of advice to give someone who is thinking about joining one of Liz Franklin’s Yoga in Chairs™ classes it would be “Just do it!” You’ll never know what the multiple benefits will be until you do it. It is a warm and inviting environment to be in.

Everybody’s level of ability is honored. You are not pushed to move beyond your personal comfort level at any time.

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