Video #2 New Possibilities DVD

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“New Possibilities” – the second video in Liz Franklin’s Yoga in Chairs® video series.

Liz Franklin developed Yoga in Chairs to allow anyone who can sit in a chair to participate in a gentle, effective yoga practice.

We will work even more deeply with the breath than we did in the first video. Please be sure that you are aware of your breathing throughout your practice. Your breath is a very powerful tool. If you breath the way you do when you are calm, you will become calm.

We will gently work your joints and muscles to increase your strength, flexibility, and range of motion. We will also work to improve your posture and balance.

As you continue to practice you may find that you are able to move up and down from the floor with greater ease, stand in line without back pain, lift objects with less strain, lower your blood pressure, relieve your allergy or asthma symptoms, and have better concentration. Some of my students have even experienced an increase in height.

Please be patient with yourself. Some of the poses may feel awkward or slightly uncomfortable as you begin, but with practice they will become easier.



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